Recovery Day 2

Day 2 was a little more painful than day 1. The painkillers wear off approximately 30 minutes before the next are due, but the pain is easily manageable.

Ice is my best friend. Any pain I feel is soothed with ice.

I’m not sleeping normally. I sleep for 30 minutes, then wake for 30. I’m not sure what’s waking me up.

There are several things I have to do throughout the day:

  • Walk my dog – I wear a mask to keep the air in my mouth and nose humid. Walking is not so hard, but I don’t have the strength to do real walks.
  • Feed the animals – Because I’m not supposed to bend over, this is challenging. I manage by sitting instead of leaning down.
  • Shower – The doctor said no hot showers, so my showers are lukewarm. They feel amazing! Somehow everything feels better after a shower.
  • Brush/Rinse – gotta keep that oral hygiene up! In addition to a mouthwash rinse (I don’t recommend Listerine during this time), I gargle body temperature salt water. It seems to help.
  • Laundry – Sitting in the recliner this long has made me obsessed with changing my sheets. I’m changing pajamas twice a day as well. The medicine makes me sweat even when I’m cold.
  • Refill my ice bucket – I have a giant cooler (which I’ll talk about more in my post about preparation) that is storing 5 bags of ice. I refill several times a day. Ice is the best!
  • Refill my humidifiers – I do this every 12 hours when they run out.
  • Drink – I’m averaging about 17oz every 2 hours.
  • Eat – Today I discovered that I can easily eat scrambled eggs. Small bites. They taste better than I remember.
  • Take deep breaths – Every time I wake, I take several breaths to keep my lungs inflated. The painkillers subdue my breathing even more when I sleep. I need to avoid getting pneumonia.
  • Medicate – I’m crushing the pills into Mighty Mango because it’s thick enough to hold it in place while I guzzle.

Things I have trouble doing:

  • Watching TV – I can’t stay awake long enough get through a whole episode of anything. The Smithsonian Channel has become my friend.
  • Sit upright at the computer – For some reason it makes me nauseous after several minutes.

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