Recovery Day 1

I woke up the day after surgery in about double the pain from the prior day (roughly 5). I developed a low grade fever specifically in my cheeks. The surgeon called me and said it was normal, and to up the pain killer dose as it contains Tylenol that will bring the fever down.

Today I am still hungry. I explored my protein options by making a soup. I ate something pretty much every hour.


The bleeding stopped in the morning, so I was able to remove the gauze from my face. I still had quite a bit of bleeding going down the back of my throat.

The fever in my cheeks is related to the turbinates reduction, and it’s not gone above 99.5 so far.

I started using a saline spray with my shower today, and that helped clear up some of the blood.

I started bleeding again later in the afternoon when I got sappy while watching a movie. No crying!


My uvula has swelled up to the size of a grape, so it feels like I have something in my throat. There is some slight bleeding at the top of my throat, but nothing that looks alarming.

I noticed that when I move my jaw, I hear a crinkling sound. I can tell that my jaw will be sore within a day or two. I started chewing gum to help with some of the tightness.


Besides the unexpected constant hunger, today has been pretty smooth. I had the dog walker come take my boy for a long walk. I chatted with several people on the phone and had one guest in the evening.



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