Surgery Day

After weeks of preparation, the day is finally here. I’ll write a separate post about my preparations later.

I treated myself to a final dinner yesterday evening. A delicious drunken ribeye steak and a chopped salad. It was delicious!

Wakey wakey!

My brother arrived late lastnight and so we got to bed pretty late. This made my 6:30 AM wake up somewhat difficult. I took a long hot shower and put on some lose pajamas on as instructed. I spent some time setting up my recovery area on my reclininer before we left for the surgical center.

The procedure

I had it done at a surgical center. My surgery was delayed by an hour due to some complications involving the surgery before mine. I had a chance to get some sleep while I waited. All the medical staff were really nice, and preparation was easy. They gave me a nasal spray called Afrin (?) which cleared up any nasal congestion, and was simply amazing. The last thing I remember was joking with the anesthesiologist about the conversations we would have during surgery. She had a kind laugh.

I woke up in pain toggling between 7 and 8 on a scale of 10. They gave me three doses of morphine which brought me down to a 6. My brother was waiting for me after the surgeon met with him. I was delivered ice and popsicles which helped ease the pain, but after receiving a percocet and juice cocktail, the pain dropped down to a 2. Something like how it feels when you wake up at the start of a sore throat.

Due to the turbinate reduction, my nose was bleeding both out into gauze and in down my throat. I was told this is normal, and that after 2-3 days it will stop. Even with the gauze blocking my nose, I can already feel like I’m breathing better.


Seriously, every single time I stand or move, my nose starts dripping blood. I’m glad the told me this is normal, or I’d be worried. It’s a lot of blood. (Related to turbinates, not tonsils)

I came home to a lovely surprise of flowers and a teddy bear! It made me smile. The bear is meant to keep the one depicted in the first post company. 🙂

My brother has been really nice bringing me things when I need it, and taking my dog out. I just wish he could pee for me too! I know this is a post about being alone which starts tomorrow, but it’s really nice to have help especially with the turbinates bleeding issue. If I only had the tonsils out, it seems like it would be doable to be alone the first day too. The doctor insists I have someone overnight the first night.

Although I can have up to 2 percocets every four hours, I’ve been fine with just one. It’s kept my pain below a 4 pretty consistently.

I’m  hungry. In addition to popsicles, I’ve been eating apple sauce, jello, fruit bars, and Mighty Mango juice (by Naked). Tomorrow if I feel up to it, I might make something with more protein.

My evening ended with some friends who came over to check on me and keep me company. It was really nice.


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